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Create self-signed SSL certificate for Azure

Creating a self-signed certificate is simple – when you know the correct commands. First create the sertificate and private key (specify some password, remember it) Next combine the cert and private key to PFX: Now this should be good enough … Continue reading

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Hotkeys for moving windows around screens

I’m using multiple monitors and sometimes it would be useful to have hotkeys that would position the active window to certain place on certain screen. I took a quick look at ready made software but those did not seem to … Continue reading

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Windows 8 hotkeys

Few Windows 8 hotkeys I have found useful: Win Goto start screen, start typing application name to search for it Win-X Open advanced menu from bottom-left corner of screen (you can access this by right clicking mouse on same place) … Continue reading

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SSD encryption – How does it work?

Quite many vendors brag about the AES-256 encryption capabilities of their SSD drives. This sounds good, everybody like to keep their data safe & secure. But how this encryption really works, what does it protected you from? Easy questions, right? … Continue reading

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Get rid of NaN and INF values in Orbeon

With calculations in binds it is easy to run into NaN (Not-a-Number) or INF values showing on the form. There are few ways to get rid of them You can use if inside the calculation to prevent the calculation from … Continue reading

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Orbeon forms processsor for extracting locale from request

A simple processor for Orbeon forms that extracts locale information from request. In order to use this you need to add it to processors-local.xml file (WEB-INF/resources/config) like this: Usage very simple. In XPL you need to declare the namespace and … Continue reading

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Orbeon, get-request-attribute and “Content is not allowed in prolog”

“An Error has Occurred Fatal error: Content is not allowed in prolog.” Not one of my favourite problems as it is sometimes difficult to figure out what is the actual cause. In general the “content is not allowed in prolog” … Continue reading

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Debugging Orbeon XPL programs

Orbeon XPL is way of describing processing flows using XML syntax. Since there is no debugger the debugging mostly happens by putting something in and looking at what comes out. You can always get the output from pipeline by using … Continue reading

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Orbeon XPL copy values from request

Quite often I end up in situations where I need to use a value from HTTP request (either parameter or header) inside a configuration element for another Orbeon XPL processor. One fairly simple way to do this is to use … Continue reading

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Customizing Liferay service builder templates

Liferay service builder code generation is based on Freemarker templates. The default templates come packaged inside the portal jar files. You can take a look at them for example in Github (note that those are from master branch – if … Continue reading

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