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Fixing invalid SamAccountName in Azure AD Domain Services

Azure AD user had been initially created with a typo on his name. All the attributes had since then been fixed or so it looked like. Everything else worked fine, but this particular user could not log-on to Azure AD … Continue reading

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Using Azure.Storage module from Azure PowerShell function

I was building a simple tool to automate some uploads to Azure Blob Storage in Azure Functions. Decided to use PowerShell for that, since well, sounds like a job for PowerShell! Getting the script to work on my computer was … Continue reading

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Site-to-site VPN with Meraki and Azure

After setting up point-to-site VPNs on Azure, I thought I’d just throw in quickly also a site-to-site connection between the office Meraki MX device and the Azure VPN gateway. Turned out it was not so straightforward. The VPN gateway on … Continue reading

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Ping with timestamps

Sometimes it is handy to run ping on the background to monitor network connectivity. Combine Microsoft PowerShell and the PsPing utility from Microsoft and you get a nice logging solution with shows on each line a timestamp and the results … Continue reading

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Git on Windows & Github, authentication suddenly stopped working

I’m using Github 2FA and git on Windows with the Windows Credentials store credential helper. This can be configured with git config –global credential.helper wincred Couple of times git has suddenly started complaining “remote: Repository not found” when trying to … Continue reading

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QC35, Windows, Bluetooth audio

I started investigating pairing problems with my Bose QC35 headphone/headset and Windows. At first I was wondering why I actually see two separate QC35 devices with different icons in the pairing list. Soon I figured out the other one was … Continue reading

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Get SSL cert in PFX format using OpenSSL

Steps for getting SSL certificate in pfx format (suitable for Azure for example) Upload CSR, get the Certificate and save it local file. Get the intermediate certificates (if needed). Concatenate the intermedia certs to one file: Export:

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Azure, add IP address to cloud service

Azure now supports multiple IP addresses per cloud service. This means you can for example host multiple web sites, each running in different IP address on one cloud service (1..n virtual machines). Right now it seems to be be possible … Continue reading

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Azure CLI tools, Credentials have expired, please reauthenticate

After installing Azure CLI tools and trying to use them on the first time on Windows, I started getting “Credentials have expired, please reauthenticate Detailed error message from ADAL is as follows: Error: Entry not found in cache.” error message. … Continue reading

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IntellijJ IDEA: Maven home directory is invalid

When creating a new project based on Maven archetype IntelliJ IDEA wants know certain Maven related directories. It took few minutes to figure out what IDEA actually wants here and answering wrong gives the not very informative “Maven home directory … Continue reading

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