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Ubuntu, disable special effects

I installed Ubuntu under Hyper-V and for reason the UI with all the effects is S-L-O-W. Quick steps for disabling the UI effects: Then head to the effects tab and disable those that you want. This does not make the … Continue reading

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Keymapper mappings for using Apple keyboard with Windows

I fell in love with the full size Apple keyboard. It is low profile and I really like how it works. Plus it’s pretty affordable (compared to premium keyboards). Unfortunately by default few of the keys are out of place … Continue reading

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Change SQL Server Express authentication mode

When you install SQL Server Express you can select the authentication mode. If you want to enable SQL Server authentication mode (username and password) later on, you can use T-SQL to do it:

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Digging Liferay article categories from database

In order to investigate certain issues I wanted to find out the journal categories directly from database. Below is the select I came up with. This is for MySQL. The string operations on the second line try to extract the … Continue reading

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Write log from Liferay velocity templates

A simple example for writing log entries from Liferay velocity templates

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Visio 2013 and 2016 disable rerouting

Drop something to the drawing surface, all other shapes freak out, running away from your new shape which you just wanted to throw in the background. Sounds familiar? If this something you don’t like, then disable connector splitting. Head to … Continue reading

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Disable Tomcat thread pool

I recently ran into issues with a third party application that had certain issues with threadlocals. Namely certain parts of the application were using threadlocal to store information, but did not clean up the stored information. This information then caused … Continue reading

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Create self-signed SSL certificate for Azure

Creating a self-signed certificate is simple – when you know the correct commands. First create the sertificate and private key (specify some password, remember it) Next combine the cert and private key to PFX: Now this should be good enough … Continue reading

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Hotkeys for moving windows around screens

I’m using multiple monitors and sometimes it would be useful to have hotkeys that would position the active window to certain place on certain screen. I took a quick look at ready made software but those did not seem to … Continue reading

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Windows 8 hotkeys

Few Windows 8 hotkeys I have found useful: Win Goto start screen, start typing application name to search for it Win-X Open advanced menu from bottom-left corner of screen (you can access this by right clicking mouse on same place) … Continue reading

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