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Keymapper mappings for using Apple keyboard with Windows

I fell in love with the full size Apple keyboard. It is low profile and I really like how it works. Plus it’s pretty affordable (compared to premium keyboards). Unfortunately by default few of the keys are out of place … Continue reading

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Change SQL Server Express authentication mode

When you install SQL Server Express you can select the authentication mode. If you want to enable SQL Server authentication mode (username and password) later on, you can use T-SQL to do it:

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Orbeon forms processsor for extracting locale from request

A simple processor for Orbeon forms that extracts locale information from request. In order to use this you need to add it to processors-local.xml file (WEB-INF/resources/config) like this: Usage very simple. In XPL you need to declare the namespace and … Continue reading

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Using git to deploy new versions

Simple instructions for setting up git so that you can push new versions to server from the comfort of your workstation. This is based on article by Abhijit Menon-Sen. If you need more details, take a look at that. This … Continue reading

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Apache reverse proxy on Ubuntu

Install Apache and Enable relevant Apache proxy modules Create new configuration file for the virtual host in /etc/apache2/sites-available. Link the created configuration file to sites-enabled. The numbers in target name are there to guarantee the files get loaded in certain … Continue reading

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Cross-domain HTTP with Python

For security and other reasons browsers put limitations on what sites you can access from the Javascript. The basic rule is: if the web page containing the script originates form, then the script is only allowed to access … Continue reading

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Theory of (web framework) evolution

A look at the history of web frameworks and my views on where we are heading. Continue reading

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Stretching band in Jasper

Making a band stretch according to the height of its contents is simple. First you need to have some content that is stretching, for example a text field with “stretch with overflow” property set to true. For the band you … Continue reading

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