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Work 2.0

Think about how the cloud changed the way startups were run when we went from 20th centure Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. During the dot-com boom it was all amount of money and big hardware. Success started with $1M set … Continue reading

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Enhanced JIRA widget for Zendesk

Zendesk provides a very nice JIRA integration widget that allows creating JIRA cases directly from Zendesk and keeps them in sync. The widget however is missing some features. It only supports setting values for certain fields on the JIRA ticket. … Continue reading

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Cross-domain HTTP with Python

For security and other reasons browsers put limitations on what sites you can access from the Javascript. The basic rule is: if the web page containing the script originates form, then the script is only allowed to access … Continue reading

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Amazon Beanstalk

This is exactly what the world was waiting for! Amazon published Beanstalk, their first PaaS offering. Beanstalk allows customer to easily deploy standard Java web apps to AWS cloud. Beanstalk builds on top of Amazons existing services. The applications run … Continue reading

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Atlassian Crowd – Zendesk integration

In my quest to free my collegues from unnecessary passwords, I created a simple web application for integrating Zendesk to Atlassian Crowd. The webapp (well, it is just one JSP page actually) takes care of authenticating the users with Crowd … Continue reading

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New features for SWIFT Alliance v7

Few interesting v7 related things. Access installation will no longer create random Oracle instance names – very nice for cluster installations, at least on Windows platform. Previously when you installed separately on both cluster nodes, you ended up having different … Continue reading

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Theory of (web framework) evolution

A look at the history of web frameworks and my views on where we are heading. Continue reading

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Grouping and null values in Jasper reports

Nulls are not created equal – except in Jasper. In somes cases you want to do grouping on the report based on some field that might also contain null values. Jasper treats these null values as equal, meaning that they … Continue reading

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Stretching band in Jasper

Making a band stretch according to the height of its contents is simple. First you need to have some content that is stretching, for example a text field with “stretch with overflow” property set to true. For the band you … Continue reading

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