Digging Liferay article categories from database

In order to investigate certain issues I wanted to find out the journal categories directly from database.

Below is the select I came up with. This is for MySQL. The string operations on the second line try to extract the actual content that is inside the extra markup. It is not perfect, but you get an idea about the title (which was the goal).

		replace(substr(ja.title, LENGTH(ja.title) - LOCATE('"',REVERSE(ja.title)) + 3),"</Title></root>","") as Title
	   ,ac.name as Category,
  FROM journalarticle ja,
  	   journalarticleresource jar,
  	   assetentry ae,  	   
  	   classname_ cn,  	   
  	   assetentries_assetcategories anac,
  	   assetcategory ac
 	   jar.resourcePrimKey = ja.resourcePrimKey  
 	   AND jar.groupId = ja.groupId
 	   AND jar.uuid_ = ae.classUuid
 	   AND cn.classNameId = ae.classNameId
 	   AND anac.entryId = ae.entryId
 	   AND ac.categoryId = anac.categoryId
 	   AND ac.groupId = jar.groupId
 	   AND ja.title like '%Your title here%'
ORDER by ja.id_